Italian Patent

Italian Patent

The Italian Patent represents a fundamental tool for inventors and businesses wishing to protect their inventions within the Italian territory. Granting exclusive rights over the use and commercialization of an invention for a specified period, the patent provides a significant incentive for investments in research and development, promoting innovation and competitiveness in the Italian market and beyond.
Usually we start with an Italian patent application for the following main reasons:

  • lower filing cost (less than 100 euros of official fees, only claims to be translated into English);
  • possibility of extension abroad within 12 months by claiming priority;
  • obtaining within approximately 10 months of a search report issued by the European Patent Office on behalf of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office; very useful for deciding on extension abroad;
  • possibility of immediately enforcing the patent application against alleged infringers;
  • in the absence of extension, high probability of obtaining at least protection in Italian territory at limited costs;
  • possibility of conversion into application for utility model.

UIBM Patents and Trademarks

The UIBM (Italian Patent and Trademark Office) is the national entity responsible for the management and granting of patents and trademarks in Italy. Located in Rome, the UIBM plays a fundamental role in promoting innovation and the protection of intellectual property in Italy. This organization provides consulting and assistance services to both Italian and foreign inventors who wish to register and protect their patents and trademarks in Italy. Additionally, the UIBM is committed to spreading the culture of intellectual property by providing information, resources, and training on patent and trademark-related matters. Thanks to its expertise and dedication, the UIBM plays a key role in supporting innovation and economic development in the country, contributing to the creation of a favorable environment for business growth and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Italian Patent Search

The Italian patent search and its subsequent filing constitute two crucial stages in the process of intellectual property protection for inventors and businesses in Italy. The patent search is an essential preliminary activity that enables inventors to assess whether their invention is new and innovative, as well as whether it meets the patentability requirements established by Italian law. Typically conducted through specialized databases and online resources, this search helps inventors evaluate the value and potential of their invention within the relevant market and industry context.
Once the search is completed and the novelty and patentability of the invention are confirmed, inventors can proceed with the patent filing at the UIBM (Italian Patent and Trademark Office). The patent filing involves submitting a formal patent application that thoroughly describes the invention and the associated intellectual property rights claims. This step is essential to obtain legal protection and exclusivity over the use and commercialization of the invention in Italy. Inventors can choose from various types of patents, including Italian patents or European patents, depending on their needs and international protection strategies. In any case, both the patent search and filing require careful planning and a thorough understanding of the laws and procedures related to intellectual property in Italy.

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